We are nextevidence

We enable data-driven healthcare and treatment development for better outcomes.

Our corporate values

We firmly believe that the future of healthcare lies in new innovative approaches that overcome existing barriers within healthcare and deliver added value for all stakeholders. We don't just want to wait for this future, but are already actively shaping it today with our nextevidence solutions.
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In all our thinking, we put the patient at the center and consider what is best for them. It is only through this approach that we can create products and solutions that sustainably advance the healthcare system.
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We believe that a product or service can only become exceptional if the people behind it are passionate about developing and improving it every day. That is what drives us as a company.
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Innovation is what drives us forward as a human race, and it will be especially so for the future of healthcare. Only through new and disruptive approaches we can confront existential problems such as an increasing number of multimorbid patients and a shortage of doctors.
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Only through trust in data security and utility are patients and other stakeholders willing to actively use new applications. Trust is something that has to be earned, and we work to strengthen it every day.
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We believe that every opinion and idea counts and should be heard, no matter who it comes from. Only through input from different directions can we manage to connect the whole health system through technology.
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We believe in Sustainable Solutions, both technical and business, that deliver lasting and long-term value to all stakeholders involved, not just aiming for short term success.

About us

nextevidence GmbH was founded in early 2021 by clinical pharmacologist Dr. Christoph Coch, serial entrepreneur Christian Hieronimi and neurologist Prof. Martin Glas. nextevidence GmbH has set itself the goal of providing sustainable support to pharmaceutical and medtech companies with dedicated digital solutions, thereby creating added value not only for companies but also for patients and other players in the healthcare system.

nextevidence is a subsidiary of ONCARE GmbH and thus offers its services via the technically advanced and innovative myoncare platform. This not only gives clients access to the services of nextevidence, but also gives them the opportunity to network and exchange information with other players from various sectors of the myoncare eco-system.

Our founders

A profile picture of nextevidence founder and CEO Christoph Coch
Dr. med. Christoph Coch
- CEO & Co-Founder -
Dr Christoph Coch is a specialist in clinical pharmacology, immunology and immunoncology and has over 15 years of experience in conducting clinical trials, clinical research and drug development in academia and industry in various leadership positions.
A profile picture of nextevidence Co-Founder Chrisitan Hieronimi
Christian Hieronimi
- Co-Founder -
Christian Hieronimi can look back on over 25 years of experience in the medical technology industry. He successfully established and resold two medtech companies before founding the digital health company ONCARE GmbH in 2015, which he now leads as CEO.
A profile picture of nextevidence Co-Founder Prof. Martin Glas
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Glas
- Co-Founder -
Prof. Dr. med. Martin Glas is a specialist and internationally recognized expert in neurology and brain tumours. He heads the Department of Clinical Neuro-oncology at the University Hospital Essen (Clinic for Neurology).

get in touch with us!

We know that it is difficult to adequately explain such an extensive platform on one website. Therefore, we would be pleased to present the nextevidence solutions to you in more detail in a personal conversation. Please feel free to contact us with all questions and requests you might have.

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