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We bring patients, physicians and clinical researchers together to capture, analyze and use unprecedented data in medicine.


An end-to-end data capturing

We SHInE light into the patient‘s black box

nextevidence has a dedicated focus on patient, physician and trial site interaction to provide previously unobtainable data for various applications. By leveraging myoncare’s state of the art platform and using its broad experience in medicine and clinical research, nextevidence provides unique information about the patient, the disease and different treatments - decentralized patient data, 24/7 in real time

Treatment 2.0


We offer three different applications. Fully customized to your needs.

  • Comprehensive information to the patient about the treatment
  • Patient reminders when and how to use it
  • Increase safety for your product
  • Optimize efficacy
  • Increase adherence to treatment
  • Supporting the early approval/ market access of your product
  • Collecting patient-centered data to demonstrate the added value of your product
  • Collecting the critical data for your post-marketing requirements and regulations

We provide a digital solution to make your product safer, acquire real time (pharmaco)vigilance data and to connect all crucial stakeholders.

  • Easy implementation of post-approval safety studies, registries and treatment follow ups
  • Make use of a ‘Virtual (Pharmaco)vigilance Clinic’ to digitally connect with experts
  • Increase the safety of your product through early detection of adverse events – real world, real time
  • for thorough processing and correct interpretation of adverse events and reduction of uncontrolled spontaneous reports
  • to give rapid support for the patient
  • to support regulatory reporting

Decentral data plays an increasingly important role for clinical studies. Our clinical study platform enables decentral data collection and conduct of your study still allowing the responsible trial team to keep the full overview - for real world analyses, register studies and clinical trials.

1. Digital Visits - we support the collection of all relevant data and digital biomarker from the patient for your clinical research - with data analysis in real time:

  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Clinician-reported outcomes
  • Remote patient monitoring with wearables, smartphones and devices
  • Patients can be provided with all relevant information to understand and follow the clinical study
  • Bi-directional communication between study participant and trial team is supported by a chat function and telemedicine

2. Digital Trial Organization - to reduce trial protocol violations and increase trial quality:

We connect all parties involved in the conduct of the clinical study: patient, study team, CRO, sponsor and guide them through the visits and the protocol. Everyone knows when, where and what!

How our nextevidence Platform helps you!

Pharmaceutical companies & Medical Device Manufacturers

Digital companion monitoring and improving safety and efficacy of your product, to
  • adherence to drug/ device
  • enable early approval and market entry
  • demonstrate convincing added value for your product
Digital companion management (pharmaco)vigilance, to
  • avoid adverse effects by supporting the patient
  • stop adverse effects through earlier detection and interaction with the patient
  • reduce incorrect safety reports
Provide patient-centered real-world data, to
  • use every day to better understand your product
  • easily fulfill all post-marketing requirements
  • show the true benefit of your product for approval and health technology assessment

Sponsors of clinical trials
(industry and academic)

Increase data quality by digital co-ordination of all stakeholders and the trial sites
  • co-ordinate and remind the patient to study visits
  • co-ordinate and remind different members of study team about visits and tasks to be performed
  • improve connection and communication between all stakeholders
Enrich the learnings of your trial by decentralized patient visits
  • digital pre-screening of patients to reduce workload of study team and increase likelihood of study inclusion
  • digital visits including patient-reported outcomes/ clinical-reported outcomes/ remote patient monitoring with wearables and devices/ information + tutorials
  • digital exchange between physician and trial participant via telemedicine
Data analysis in real time
  • get relevant patient-centered data for your study analysis
  • use decentralized data to detect safety signals in real time – for a single patient, for your complete study
  • use AI and 'big data' approaches to better understand your product

Additional nextevidence platform benefits


Flexible, easy to use and adaptable platform


Connection & communication of multiple stakeholders - patient, physician, trial team, CRO, etc.


Guides patient and care team on an automated journey through the disease, treatment or the clinical study

Data collection

Comprehensive data collection from the patient but also all other involved stakeholders

Diverse expertise

Combined expertises in IT, clinical research and clinical care


Use of a unique Hyper Ledger Blockchain


Regulatory compliance with all standards on the highest level (Medical Device Class IIa MDR)


Any language can be incorporated


We enable the next step in medication management - digital, connected and patient-centric
- for healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and medtech companies


nextevidence uses the advanced myoncare infrastructure

nextevidence is a subsidiary of ONCARE GmbH and thus offers its services via the technically advanced and innovative myoncare platform. This not only gives clients access to the services of nextevidence, but also gives them the opportunity to network and exchange information with other players from various sectors of the myoncare eco-system.

myoncare is on its way to becoming one of the leading healthcare infrastructures. Through its innovative content management system, the platform not only enables flexible medical content creation, but also automated and scalable patient support for almost all indications and disease phases.

Learn more about myoncare

get in touch with us!

We know that it is difficult to adequately explain such an extensive platform on one website. Therefore, we would be pleased to present the nextevidence solutions to you in more detail in a personal conversation. Please feel free to contact us with all questions and requests you might have.

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